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Our constructions teams have decades worth of experience in this field. We make sure to continuously educate ourselves through seminars and relevant courses in order to always be able to offer the most innovative and agile solutions possible. By constantly progressing, we make sure to always be the right fit for our customers.

years of experience in infrastructure

years of experience in paving

years of experience in recruiting international specialists

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Who is KR Group

KR Group is a construction company specialised in plant construction. We offer complete solutions for both private companies as well as public institutions that need to expand the telephone and data network.

Our construction department – your infrastructure partner!

We offer several different services within infrastructure projects. Some of our services include digging and fiber- and cabel work which we do in all of Denmark. Furthermore, we offer coating and general machine operating.

We are ready to help you

We can handle a start-to-finish project management, regardless the nature or services required. Whether it is about cable burial, paving or asphalting, please reach out today and let us help you with your project.

We can be in charge of project management from start to finish, whether it’s about laying cables, paving or asphalt. Contact us today where we stand ready to help you.


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