Our construction department – your infrastructure partner!

We offer several different services within infrastructure projects. Some of our services include digging and fiber- and cabel work which we do in all of Denmark. Furthermore, we offer coating and general machine operating.

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We do all the infrastructure within FTTH (fiber-to-the-home)

Burial of fiber cables

A fiber network ensures much faster internet because it works like a fiber-optic cable. We bury cables for fiber technology and other high-speed networks.

Splicing and blowing of fiber cables

With a special blowing technique, we do fiber feeding as well as splicing the fiber. This is followed by testing of the functionality. Blowing of smaller micro cables and bigger fiber cables can be done with water as well as air. We also do internal outfitting of fiber installations.

Underground drilling – shooting with rockets

When projects require drilling with rockets, KR Group is the obvious choice. We have a great deal of experience with underground drilling and tunnelling.

Guided Tunnel Boring

We can perform directional tunnelling with the newest technology available. It takes place underground where a wellhead is controlled with modern search technology.


We do installation or renovation of tiles, immersion or alignment of curbs, renovation of pavement and curb stones, renovation of paving stones, new screed on lanes, installation or renovation of speed bumps as well as laying of cobblestones.


We offer asphalting and repairing of roads, driveways, yards, speed bumps and more.

Cell towers

We design, produce and install cell towers in all of Denmark

Project management and contact with customers

We handle your regulatory approvals prior to a project, project management throughout as well as the contact with clients (the end users) which includes approvals of fiber rollouts.


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